Woodworking, studios & film space…oh, my

By Malaysha Mitchell, Wilson HS (Florence, South Carolina) The newly renovated Richland Library features many different levels to choose from to explore, create and design. They have three levels provided for people to use. The second floor focus includes workshops and studios where people can come and work on projects or assignments. In the graphic … Continue reading Woodworking, studios & film space…oh, my


The refugee reality

By Danielle Young, Carmel Christian School (Matthews, North Carolina) Broken, isolated, scared: these emotions dictate the lives of many refugees as they step foot into an alien country. After abandoning almost everything they have ever known to flee persecution or devastation, they are met with incredible obstacles — both those they have been prepared for, … Continue reading The refugee reality

The political side of refugees

By Jaydn James, Ashley Ridge HS (Summerville, South Carolina) Refugee and immigrant service manager for the Charleston and Columbia area in South Carolina, Lindsey LeDuc, said that her services have been doing resettlement since 1992, and the number of people to show up have been pretty decent since then, until this year, under the presidency … Continue reading The political side of refugees

Transgender bathroom law story + infographic

BATHROOM BATTLE North Carolina governor Pat McCrory proposed House Bill 2 in March. According to CNN, the bill implements a statewide policy that bans individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex. Other states including South Carolina, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee and Wisconsin were quick to follow, as … Continue reading Transgender bathroom law story + infographic