1 Million Cups

By Will Davidson, Richland Northeast HS (Columbia, South Carolina) 1 Million Cups is a national organization that promotes entrepreneurs to educate, connect, and engage with other entrepreneurs. They meet every Wednesday morning. Meeting are open to the public to come in and listen to the entrepreneurs talk and sell their company for 6 minutes. After … Continue reading 1 Million Cups


Built for a new generation

By Aaliyah Outler, South Florence HS (Florence, South Carolina) In a blink of an eye, life changes. Buildings crumble, and new ones replace them, social norms buried in the sawdust of what was once the past. What was once outdated becomes outplayed, and history alters in the hands of new generations. Richland Library embraced this … Continue reading Built for a new generation

Everybody is an artist in the eyes of Richland Library

By Kinsley Thurston, South Pointe HS (Rock Hill, South Carolina) The Richland Library's main branch on Assembly St. plans to create a mural using bookmarks covered in doodles from members of the community. The plan is to use bookmarks submitted from the community along with bookmarks submitted from the project director and Richland Libraries resident … Continue reading Everybody is an artist in the eyes of Richland Library