CJI 2018: Who we are

Kailey Cota

I’m Kailey Cota, a senior at Nation Ford High School (NAFO) in Fort Mill, S.C. I love to dance and have been a part of a dance company for 15 years. I also have a Boston Terrier named Toby who I’m obsessed with.

Shelby Wingate

My friends call me Shellfish because I have an Extra Cheddar Goldfish obsession. My favorite color is yellow because it compliments my eyes and my skin tone. I love cereal; it is definitely one of the best things on Earth. Lastly, I have a big shoe collection, specifically sneakers.

Josh Ford

I’m Junior in high school and I love sports. I am a hurdler on my school’s track and field team. People have told me that I have a dry sense of humor. My favorite sports team is the Carolina Panthers. I also write for my town’s local newspaper The Coastal Observer.

Kim Racz

My name is Kim Racz, and I am an English teacher at Rock Hill High School.  I love animals, culture, art, literature, and food.  I am originally from New Jersey, and I was an extra on Homeland and Banshee.

Britney Cooper

My name is Britney Cooper, and I’m 17. I’m silly and outgoing. I like to make new friends and learn new things. I love animals and the Lord and will do anything to help out. My youth group gave me the nicknames B-Dog and B-Coop a few years ago and they have stuck ever since.

Ebony Christie

My name is Ebony Christie, and I am a rising sophomore at Richland Northeast High School in Columbia, SC. I have a huge obsession with Kendrick Lamar and I also enjoy reading, playing soccer, and binge watching “Law & Order SVU.” One fun fact about myself is at the age of five I sang for former President Barack Obama while he was campaigning for his first term in 2008 at the Koger Center.

Jordan Cannada

My name is Jordan Cannada, and I’m a rising senior at Porter Ridge High School. I have a really outgoing, bubbly personality and love to meet new people. I plan on studying creative media and film production in college. A fun fact about me is that I would like to visit all seven continents.

Cassidy Clark

My name is Cassidy Clark and I am a rising junior at South Pointe High School where I am Editor-in-Chief of our newspaper, SPIN. I have an obsession with David Dobrik vlogs and 5 Seconds of Summer. I love waffles, puns, and my two cats. To learn more about me and my life, check out my Twitter @casstawayy.

Christian Banks

I am a 15-year-old rising junior at Dutch Fork High School. I like to write, listen to music, and play video games. I usually go by Christian, but some people call me Chris or CJ. I scream at an extremely high pitch when tickled.

Marlen Gonzalez

My name is Marlen Gonzalez, and I’m from Hannah-Pamplico High School. I am an intelligent and a considerate person. I love going to school and learning new things. I’m also very conscientious about my work.

Emma Dowling

I’ve grown up with three younger siblings and my three dogs in a community unlike any other. Athens allows for the cultivation of countless different cultures, and without my hometown, I wouldn’t be the person I am today! I’ve been reading since I can remember, and I love to write about everything under the sun. Finding journalism this past year has been what I’ve been looking for, and I hope to pursue it as my lifelong journey.

Will Davidson

My name is Will Davidson, and I am a rising junior at Richland Northeast High School. I am involved in the Convergence Media program where I will be a Sports Producer for our sports segment, Sports 360 next school year. I am a Life Scout and on the swim team for Richland Northeast. I have finished my Eagle Scout Project and I’m currently finishing the last few touches to become an Eagle Scout.

Kendall Smith

My name is Kendall Smith. I am a rising senior at Weddington High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am a competitive figure skater of 12 years, a varsity cheerleader, a student body officer, and the Editor-In-Chief of my school’s yearbook staff. In my free time, I love to be with my friends and family, watch sports, run, practice yoga, shop, announce baseball games, and report and cover various sporting events through my internship! A fun fact about me is that I am a HUGE Chicago Cubs fan! Fly the W!!!!

Faith Anderson

My name is Faith Anderson, and I am a rising senior at South Pointe High School in Rock Hill, SC. I am Student Body President for the 2018-2019 school year, Co-Producer of our morning news show, “SPiN in the Morning,” and I am also an editor and business manager of our yearbook, The Equestrian. I am partly obsessed with the color yellow and coffee. I love watching Netflix, and I’m currently binge watching “Jane the Virgin.”

Tyler Wright

I’m Tyler Wright. I like playing sports like soccer and volleyball, eating out, and hanging out with my friends. At school, my friends call me Tiller, but I don’t know why or where they came up with that nickname.

Avery Cottingham

My name is Avery Cottingham. I am a senior at Wando High School. During my sophomore year of high school, I began taking a media tech course, which sparked my interest in broadcast journalism. As I became more interested in the different aspects of media technology, I became more interested in entering this field as a major in college.  I am an active member of Wando High School’s “Tribe Talk.” My involvement in this field began to make me feel more confident than ever! I am excited about my journey, learning and exploring my interests in this type of career, which I know will offer me great opportunities!

Evelyn Ealey

My name is Evelyn Ealey, and I attend Fort Mill High School. I like to read, write, and dance. I have danced for twelve years, and competitively for five years. I also love to hang out with my friends & family and to eat.

Reagin von Lehe

My name is Reagin von Lehe but people call me Reags for whatever reason. I enjoy music, movies, reading, and photography. I play the piano and the only pizza I’ve ever appreciated is Papa John’s.