Tattooed chef served our country and serves up delicious eats

MarlenBy Marlen Gonzalez, Hannah-Pamplico HS (Pamplico, South Carolina)

Dominic Tidwell started working at The Grand, a boutique bowling alley and taproom event space in downtown Columbia, South Carolina in December 2017.

Apart from his duties as a chef, Tidwell also serves as the hiring manager. This task is a huge responsibility for someone who spends a lot of time making sure details are perfect in the kitchen for his customers, and the food is a major reason why people flock to The Grand. Everything on the menu is made in-house and fresh. The interesting menu includes Cackalacky Quesadilla, which has spicy chicken, bacon, pepper jack and cheddar cheese, drizzled with sweet bourbon bbq and served with pico de gallo and chipotle sour cream and Brunch Burger, which contains pork belly, peppamento cheese, and a fried egg served on a brioche bun and etc.

Chef Tidwell loves working at The Grand. He also loves the atmosphere, the high and positive energy of his coworkers and customers. His best moments at The Grand include the bowling alley, the food, his co-workers, his boss, and of course the tap room. He loves the bowling alley because it’s fun to be around with people who love doing the same thing as he does.

Tidwell didn’t always work in the cooking field. He spent six years in the military and brick masonry in school. Through a friend and a love for cooking, he began his journey as a chef at Fort Johnson. He worked in Five Points for about a year before transitioning to The Grand.

Tidwell is originally from Italy, although his immediate family is from South Carolina. Tidwell describes his life in two words: work and daughters. He loves his work because he loves being a chef. It’s his passion. His other passion includes his three daughters: Keyera, 15; Denea, 19; and Dimmona, 20. Tidwell describes his daughters as the most important things in his life.

“Preparing delicious Southern-style food. There is no other place like The Grand,” Tidwell said.

Cooking at The Grand for Tidwell is calming, relaxing, and feels like home.

“Even though working here can be stressful, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Making something that people love makes me happy,” Tidwell said.

[Find out more, on the CJI Grand team’s official Instagram account]



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