No snore science camps at SC State Museum

KimBy Kim Racz, Rock Hill HS (Rock Hill, South Carolina)

Wasn’t it just January? It seems that it was, but summer is here and it is time to figure out what to do with the kids for the next two months.

According to education manager Laura Ybarro Kane, the SC State Museum concentrates “on being more education focused.  We want to help the kids avoid the summer slump.” Kane pointed out how the camps are aligned with the South Carolina State Standards by having the camps include things like robotics, engineering, fine motor skills and critical thinking skills.

This week at SCSM’s summer camp children ages 6 to 8 had the chance to learn about their five senses. These campers made sense robots. Campers Connor Wright and Luna Snu both agreed that making “Smelly Bots” and “Painting Bots” was really cool.   The campers also learned to sew by making their very own monster.


The group for ages 9 to 11 focused on space exploration and part of exploring space is knowing how to work as a team.  To teach the campers this important skill, the counselors transformed the kids into a pack of dogs.

“There are two leader dogs, Alpha and Beta, an Omega and the hunter,” said camper Sarah Fang.

Ella McLain, the hunting dog, said about her role in the dog pack, “I have lots of things to do and it’s the most important job.”

All campers also had a chance to explore various exhibits of the museum.  Camper Josh Hamby, a self-proclaimed laser expert, loved the exhibit in which a laser makes a radio play.

“When you block the laser with your hand the music doesn’t play,” explained Josh.

Whereas his fellow camper Amelia Glover was more engaged with the optical illusions of the exhibit.  “Do you see how it looks like an old woman here, and how it looks like a young woman this way?”

SCSM offers day camps for children ages 6 to 14.  There is a different theme for each week and for each age group. Camps are ongoing until August 17, Monday through Friday from 9 until 3.

According to Kane, “There are still a few spots available for this year’s summer camp, but the spots are filling up quickly.”  For more information about the summer camps available at SCSM go to

[Find out more about the adventures the CJI team had at the museum on their official Instagram account.]



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