Just like the way its historic sign was found, The Grand offers surprises



AveryCottinghamBioPictureBy Avery Cottingham, Wando HS (Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina)


The Grand, located on Main Street in Columbia, South Carolina, is a historic, recently-renovated building that caters to those who love to bowl, eat boutique burgers, lounge on an outdoor patio, and play cornhole and golf. Downstairs, The Grand offers a unique tap room, old-school arcade, pool table, board games, and music from a modern jukebox.

Photo 1
The sign drags people in with the modern look of the bowling pin and bowling ball, which carries into the restaurant. The name The “Grand” came from an old sign found underground as renovation was being held. “The Grand is the meaning of entertainment, and to be a family-friendly environment,” David Keller said.

“My favorite part of The Grand is the tap room because I am more of a beer type of person and enjoy the flavors that are on tap,” Keller said.

When walking into The Grand, hostesses greet customers at the door with warm smiles for guests. Bright, open, and family-friendly, industrial meets exposed wood beams is a theme that is evident that The Grand attempts to preserve from its history. The modern chandeliers in the lounge brings a cozy and home like feel to customers, as well as the comfy gray couches, and yellow and white lounge chairs.

“It is the most crowded at night, due to people coming for dinner, and for entertainment, parties, and other occasions, but The Grand isn’t just a party place or dinner place. It is also considered as family friendly,” marketing manager Marissa DeCola said.

Photo 3
The comfy chairs and metal looking tables bring out the look to the feel of The Grand. It contrasts with the theme of the barn and unique feel of The Grand. It brings out the feel of comfort within the restaurant, which includes the big half moon couches with tables.

DeCola uses social media to catches the eye of The Grand customers by posting delectable pictures of the food and drink offerings, live shots of activities, and the bar/tap room, encouraging customers to pop in, even on weeknights.

“Every first Thursday of the month on Main Street is a party on the front lounge, which the bartender makes a different sangria, which is my favorite part of The Grand,” DeCola said.

The Grand is also a family-friendly place more than just bowling and booze. When building The Grand, the name came from a sign unearthed during reconstruction in the underneath, buried dirt in the back of the building. The Grand once was an old theatre about 100 years ago.

“We decided to keep the name the Grand which is the meaning of entertainment to explain to customers it’s not just a bowling alley, but its entertainment and more,” Director of restaurant operations and manager David Keller said.

Photo 2
Arcade games are spread out in the downstairs of The Grand are filled with fun excitement and entertainment. The old games to new such as Pacman and pool are brought into the downstairs of the Tap Room, which are some popular and more known games. “The arcade games were a unique feature for us to bring in and entertain customers as well as being able to have beer provided on tap,” David Keller said.

With keeping this tradition of the name The Grand, managers and staff hope to keep the “grand” tradition as they plan for the future of the building. With Main Street being busy and known for entertainment, restaurants, and local theatre, The Grand is the perfect place to entertain, and bring families together.

Many families don’t get to spend lots of time together due to the hectic nature of work and school, but The Grand offers a bowling alley and restaurant, family-friendly games, and activities, which invites more and more people to capture the family moments and excitement.

[Find out more, on the CJI Grand team’s official Instagram account]


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