An opportunity of a lifetime

Jordanby Jordan Cannada, Porter Ridge HS (Indian Trail, North Carolina)

Andrew Stewart was days away from signing paperwork to become an employee at a sports marketing company in New York City when he received a text. Little did he know how much this text message would change his life. Justin King, Associate Athletic Director for New and Creative Media at the University of South Carolina, reached out to Stewart regarding what his plans were after graduation.

After communication back and forth via phone call, Stewart was flown out that day for an interview for the New and Creative Media department at USC. In an interview with Stewart, he says, that one of the things that stood out the most was how casual the interview was. He states that by the end of the day he was working out with King and fellow colleague Austin Koon. Once offered the job to work alongside King, Stewart immediately said yes.

“This is when Justin always says that this is when he knew he had to offer me the job when he saw me running up and down the stairs with a camera and in a suit,” said Stewart.

USC- Written

King was hired in February 2017. Since then he has been nothing short of great. King has created many videos for a variety of sports offered at USC ranging from creating season recap videos to preseason hype videos. With a huge Twitter following of almost 30K followers he is really making a name for himself. When you take a look at the comments on his videos you can really tell that a great number of fans and viewers appreciate and love the content he is creating.

[Find out more about sports by checking out Jordan’s Pinterest board.]


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