A day in the life of an actor


By Tyler Wright, Cardinal Newman School (Columbia, South Carolina)

John Romanski, a junior at the University of South Carolina, is pursuing his passion as an actor in the theatre business in the upcoming show called Arden of Faversham the USC Lab Theatre from June 14-23.

Since the tenth grade, Romanski has been acting in plays like The Outsiders and It’s a Wonderful Life at Fort Mill High School in Fort Mill, SC. He later broadened his acting skills at in the USC Theatre department performing in The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and many more Shakespearean plays.

In The Daily Gamecock, David Wolf wrote a review about the play Twelfth Night and he complimented Romanski: “Perhaps one of the most pleasant surprises was the singing talent of third-year broadcast journalism student John Romanski, who played Feste. The warmth in his voice resonated throughout the entire play, from his first note to his last.”

“Stay involved in college. The one challenge that I found when I move from high school to college was that rehearsals were a lot longer. You need to put a lot more effort in because it went from being rehearsals two hours after school to rehearsals Monday through Friday from 6:30 to 10:30 every night and eight hours on Saturday. The bar is kind of set higher, but I believe it’s worth it,” Romanski said.


Romanski’s favorite part of acting every day is that the job is different and allows him to get to work closely with so many great people.

“Get involved for sure, try to do high school shows, I did several and it’s a unique experience one that you probably won’t have ever again,” Romanski said.

Romanski explained that actors have to work together to put on a show and to trust each other on stage to solve problems that happen in the moment.

“All the shows I have ever done have shaped me as an actor but also as a person to who I am today,” Romanski said.

Romanski has an upcoming play called Arden of Faversham. John plays a criminal named “Shakebag.”The play was written during the Elizabethan period, but no one knows who actually wrote it, despite it being attributed to Shakespearean language. Romanski describes the play as “a dark comedy.”

Romanski enjoys playing in performances with complex characters, such as in Arden, where the character of Alice is having an affair and plots to murder her husband Arden so she can get all of his land.

“We tried three times and failed three times in a variety of different hilarious ways. Like when we tried to open a door because it turns out that we’re trying to pull and it’s a push door, so not only we’re criminals we think we’re spies now,” Romanski said.

Romanski blends his love for theatre and storytelling by majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Theatre at USC.

Romanski has wanted to do journalism since the eighth grade, and now he is majoring in journalism. His middle school English teacher was head of their television program and he encouraged John to audition for their broadcast, so he did and made the team. They did the show every week that aired on Friday.

“It’s really important to gain experience and the best way to learn is to get hands-on experience,” Romanski said.

[Find out more about theaters in Columbia on the CJI team’s official Instagram account.]


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