4-D speaks

BritneyBy Britney Cooper, Hannah-Pamplico HS (Pamplico, South Carolina)

If asked the question how does a movie speak, a person might answer, through the actors. That answer would not be wrong, but at the South Carolina State Museum, an employee named Douglas Zachary becomes the voice of the 4-D movie experience.

That power starts when Douglas begins the 4-D movie and runs all the thrilling and spine-chilling special effects. The awakening and hilarious special effects can include blasts of water from the seat in front of the viewer, hollow plastic tubes under the seat to tickle the viewer, three buttons in the back of the seat to blow skin crawling puffs of air, vents on the seat in front to deliver sweet or horrid smells for a person’s senses, snow and bubble machines and finally a big fan to make a person feel like they are going to blow away.

“Sometimes I’ve asked the students can you think of some others and they responded why don’t you have a pin poke in the bottom of the seats or how about electrodes in the bottom of the seats or how about a door that opens up and an mechanical arm comes out and whops you in the back of the head,”  Zachary said

After people experience something as fascinating as a 4-D movie they tend to ask Douglas questions and to his best ability, he responds back with fascinating answers.

“I encourage them, I say well study your science and technology and your math real hard maybe you will invent the 8-D theatre or the ultimate the holodeck,” Zachary said.


Childlike Perspectives of the Mind

Remember when? That time of being a kid when everything was huge and making memories was the best day of your life. Memories that no one could take, not even time. Those are the memories that anyone can still relive and remake, even as adults.

This is exactly what I did as I walked through, interacted and toured the South Carolina State Museum. I kept the childlike mindset and perspective and relived what it was like to be a child. I walked into this huge place and immediately felt like a kid walking into a magical land of giants. There are four floors of wonder, each unique and different in its own way. The group that I was with got a behind the scenes look at how things in the museum work and of the people who run it.

When moving forward and seeing all the different exhibits I begin to learn more and expand my mind to new facts. As I was learning, I proceeded to take pictures of not only random exhibits but of playful and curious children as well. A story was told every time I took a picture, one that meant something to me and its viewers.

Like everything, all good things must come to an end. My group’s time in the museum was up, and we had to leave. We thanked the good people and their staff for having us there and teaching us new things. I had one last goodbye to the museum, and making memories for the day was over. At least there are chances to make more memories, and they will remain for many years to come and no one can nor will take them away.

[Find out more about the adventures the CJI team had at the museum on their official Instagram account.]


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