Woodworking, studios & film space…oh, my

By Malaysha Mitchell, Wilson HS (Florence, South Carolina)

The newly renovated Richland Library features many different levels to choose from to explore, create and design.

They have three levels provided for people to use. The second floor focus includes workshops and studios where people can come and work on projects or assignments.

In the graphic design room, one woman used different fabrics to create her original art. Next door, a man produced video in a film studio. One side of the wall is completely covered in green for a “green screen.” Many people can come in to work on videos and capture moments that are important to their projects. The room provides a tripod, projectors and cameras to work with. They also provide a television screen where visitors can view what they’re creating.

The next area reveals “parent friendly” and “kid friendly” creative space. It is designed where there is a play area on one side of the room and desk space for the parents to work on resumes or applications while the children play.

Extensive construction hopes to create more creative space on the fourth level. The library has provides a location for people to come and read books in a quiet place with no sound. It is closed off from the main area in the library.

The second floor of the library allows you to leave your personal items in a locker and the opportunity to a reserve to meeting space.

Cecil Decker, the media arts coordinator at Richland Library, says, “I think the studios are great! We offer these rooms to professionals who live in the city and may not have room for a green screen or up to date equipment.”

There are more than five different rooms to accommodate artists who want to work in the studios. The future of the Richland Library includes plans for expansion, art installations, and community involvement. I spoke with Melanie Huggins, the executive director of the Richland Library, over the phone. Ms.Huggins and I had a conversation on what new things are being brought to to the library.

She spoke on how 10 percent of the physical books will be recycled and used for other needs and on the moderation of the library from its very early starts until now. The new installation will be focused on teen and children’s books. Richland Library wants the youth to be involved in what is new at the library. The library is a place for learning and researching. But at the Richland Library, it’s a place where you get to create.

Jordan Morris is the maker coordinator at the Richland Library, and I spoke with her on how she uses these great resources to make her job easier.

“This room is really outstanding, we have a lot of tools and equipment,” she said. “But it’s large and industrial so we can make a mess if need be.”

The Richland Library wants to make everyone feel like there is something they can find to benefit them. They are always broadcasting new programs and new events going on at the library. This goes to show that even if you don’t read books there is something to interest you when you take a trip to the library.

[Check out posts on the CJI Library group’s Instagram account.]



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