Sweet motivation: Day in the life of the employees at Silver Spoon

By Ananda Kobierowski, Wando HS (Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina)

Silver Spoon 2

Everyone loves sweets, but the people who make them are even sweeter.  The employees at Silver Spoon Bake Shop have a great amount of dedication within their busy daily routine.

At Silver Spoon Bake Shop, Erin Nobles and Jennifer Austin’s routine starts early in the morning.

“I usually begin at 5am. I have a very standard routine of baking muffins, biscuits, and cookies so I will have them ready when we open at 7:30,” Erin said.

She makes the muffins and cookies first, and then cooks the biscuits because they go in at a higher temperature. She also has two employees that come to work around seven. Whoever arrives at the bakery first starts making coffee.  For the rest of the day they take specialty orders for weddings and regular baked goods.

“Our baking schedule changes due to the daily orders and what we need to make. I have one baker who does all of the prep work and makes the cakes and I have one that does all of the decorating and finishing work,” Erin said.

The most important part of Erin’s routine at Silver Spoon Bake Shop is staying on schedule and keep focused so she can complete her orders.

“We are always on a very strict timeline so we have to make sure to stay on task to get all of our baking done before it is too late,” she said.

Despite this, she says that sometimes it is hard to stay motivated during long hours at the bakery.  Her to do list keeps her on track for the day, and helps her to stay motivated when needed.

“This gives me a sense of accomplishment and motivates me to finish more items on the list,” she said. Her original ideas are apparent within her bakery, and she stays inspired by what other bakeries are doing on social media.  Anytime Erin travels, she visits bakeries, and always checks out local bakeries as well.

Erin loves working at her own bakery, and loves being her own boss. “It’s fun to have the flexibility to create new items and try new things.”

Jennifer Austin works equally as hard, and wants to get customers in and out as fast as they can. Her morning begins by starting the coffee, or completing business related emails and phone calls. After this, she helps customers.  Jennifer is constantly busy, and throughout my time there, she was constantly helping customers, and making them feel like her neighbors. Jennifer is very sincere, and she genuinely enjoys helping her customers. Silver Spoon Bake Shop closes at 4:30 p.m.and their employees continue working hard throughout the day.

“At the end of the day, any leftover food goes to the fire station or the homeless shelter,” she said.

This was incredibly heartwarming to know that this food goes to a honorable cause.

Both of these ladies and all of the employees work very hard all day long. Their morning starts early, and their day ends nine hours later. They work hard to produce great quality and treat every customer like friends. At their busy job, you can tell they love working there. Their daily routine is busy, but Erin and her employees enjoy every minute of it.

[Find out more about Ananda’s visit to Silver Spoon Bake Shop on her Pinterest board.]


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