Promotions for the people

By Melvin Harris, Lake Norman HS (Charlotte, North Carolina)

The Lexington Blowfish have plenty of promotions throughout the season. Promotions help with revenue, but it also keeps the crowd involved.

Some of their promotions have dealt with dogs coming to the game for free, others have been kids running on the field with the players! This creates a win-win situation where the kids are happy because they get to be out on the field where they can be seen by everyone, and the parents can take a picture that will be cherished for a lifetime.

The Blowfish have nine promotions they rotate during the season. John Booth, a Blowfish fan, comes to the games regularly. Booth comes to the games regularly and said both he and his son appreciate the efforts the team makes to connect with fans.


“He’s in a camp this week, so he got to do the hometown team and got to run out with a player into the outfield and that was exciting to watch him so out into the outfield with a player,” Booth said.

Promotions do not always deal with big name businesses. The non-profit organization helps the needy and unfortunate.  Brenda Cook, head of Blessing for a Smile, is involved with the community in a lot of ways.

Cook says, “We work for USC, we work to raise money for veterans, and for kids at christmas. We work all basketball, football, baseball games, and concerts for USC.”

Blessing for a Smile comes to every Blowfish game. One could find them working in the kitchen, serving up some hot dogs and hamburgers.

Blessing for a Smile is all about humility. Repairing roofs, adopting kids, and helping the elderly are the just the little things that make the volunteers’ day.

“It’s called Blessing for a Smile and the premise of that name is that we want to bless you, and the only thing we ask back is just a smile,” Cook said.

One could imagine, with so much action going on before, during, and after the game, the players may get distracted from their job. JT Stone, infielder and outfielder of the Lexington County Blowfish, enjoys the outside noise.

“Honestly, I don’t mind it,” Stone said. “It’s not a big deal between innings or after with fireworks.”

According to Stone, the fans show so much love and support to the players, the best way to pay them back is to engage with them.

“It keeps them in the game and it makes them apart of it,” Stone said. “The fans here are amazing and we just want to give back to them because we love them so much. So I love it.”

Promotions are a way of getting revenue, while also keeping the fans involved. The players enjoy it even more because they get time to spend time with people the love. At the end of the day, it’s all about having a good time, and that’s what promotions do.

[Find out more about the Blowfish’s promotions on Melvin’s Storify.]


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