Marvelous macarons

By Elizabeth Hoefer, Laurens District 55 HS (Laurens, South Carolina)

Many sweet treats come and go, but macarons are a timeless confection that holds a special place in many hearts. Macarons are a fluffy French treat made from two cookies with a meringue-like consistency.

Many fall in love with this French delicacy, and they never seem to go out of style. Two bakeries, the Silver Spoon and Ally and Eloise, both create the delightful dessert right in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina. Each bakery makes these treats for only $2 each.

When I entered the Silver Spoon Bake Shop I was overwhelmed by the sweet smell, and the colorful macarons immediately caught my eye. After talking with Jennifer Austin, an employee, I found out these delightful treats are “gluten friendly” and they have been making them from the very start.

The Silver Spoon sells multiple flavors and on this day, I was lucky enough to try one of their most popular flavors: the salted caramel.

My favorite is the banana pudding. “[Making macarons] is a delicate balance of folding it in just enough to mix it but not over mixing it” said Erin Nobles, owner of the Silver Spoon Bake Shop.

Like the Silver Spoon Ally and Eloise put a strenuous effort into making their macarons.

Ally and Eloise make theirs’s fresh daily and have an abundance of flavors to choose from. When visiting Ally and Eloise’s shop, the macaron’s color jumped right out of the bakery case.

I not only was impressed with the vibrant colors and the aroma too.

The flavors they offered were vanilla, chocolate, raspberry and lemon.

Compared to other bakeries Ally and Eloise’s macarons were bigger, fluffier and not as dense.

I thoroughly enjoyed being in Ally’s shop and loved seeing the macarons behind the scenes being made.

Both shops do an amazing job creating and making delicious macarons.

I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity to try both location’s mouthwatering deserts.

I would definitely recommend if you are near Columbia stop by and try one of these scrumptious macarons.

[Check out posts on the Sweet Treats’ Instagram account. All of which are delicious!]


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