Tamekia from Columbia

Photograph by Julie Alpaugh, Clarke Central HS (Athens, Georgia)


“My nephew was shot three times ( in the Orlando shooting) once in each of his arms and once in his back missing his spine by less than half and inch. To date, he has had three surgeries to repair his left arm, total reconstruct his right arm and attempt to close the hole is his back. Daily he is in excruciating pain and nightly he has night terrors reliving something that will remain with him the rest of his life. Because of a continuous high fever that is coming from an internal infection, they are unable to compete a fourth surgery that is needed to close the hole in his back. This tragedy not only affected my nephew but our entire immediate family. It has caused emotional stress for all of us. It has also strengthened our faith. For me as an aunt as a loved one it has awakened a desire to learn our gun laws and serve as an advocate and trailblazer for other families,”  Tamekia Ross aunt of victim of Orlando shooting said.


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