Recognizing the Unrecognized

Isabel Cook

Sixteen year olds spend their summers at parties all night and in bed asleep all day.

But not Isabel Cook.

Isabel’s an unpaid intern at the Columbia Museum of Art.

She’s been involved with the program since she was a little girl. Colleagues who work along with her have watched her grow up.

“She’s always been very dedicated to this museum, and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that she’s grown up in this museum” beams Kayleigh Vaughn, Education Manager of the museum.

The museum strengthens her passion for arts and artists.

Ansel Adams.

Mark Rothko.

Jackson Pollock.

Growing up around the artist’s displays, Isabel has managed to personally connect to the artist’s inspiration from a young age.

Her participation at the museum is not the only way Isabel gives back to her community. Her list is long.

Key Club.

National Honors Society.

MS Walk.

Flood Relief.

At each new start of a program Isabel tries to bring a fresher approach. Greeting all kids returning and new with a clean slate.

New people.

New kids.

New opportunities.

Just a few of the highlights Isabel enjoys as an intern at the museum.  

Witnessing the impact art has on the kids is another thing Isabel comes back to camp for every year

“I get to see sort of how coming to the museum and doing art and being around people who are really passionate impacts these kids and I think that’s really important.”

It’s not just that Isabel’s work makes a huge impact on the kids, but it also makes a significant impact on Isabel herself. She learns from the kids as much as they learn from her.

“She’s always been very helpful. Very hands on…” Vaughn says.

“The campers always love her. Like even this week campers can’t get enough of Isabel, everybody’s fighting over who gets to sit next to Isabel. She’s definitely a likeable person.”

She’s not staying up late getting plastered every night.

Isabel breaks the mold.

She’s making a difference in her community.

For pictures of the museums education program check Steller


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