Humans of CJI: Kiki Griffin


“I came to my mom in a dream 10 years before I was born. She said that my spirit came to her and said that that was the name I should be named. I came down to her and said, “My name is Killan, and will be with you sometime in the future,” Killan “Kiki” Griffin said. “Killan was inspired by my great-grandmother’s middle name, I think. What I remember (my mom) telling me was that my great-grandmother came from Poland or England when she was 12 years old by herself on a ship to America. She raised a whole family and everything in America, and she was just this independent woman. But, she was this figure to our family. (Killan) was like her middle name or something. I think that that’s how I got it. I like how it has significance to it.”

“When I was little, I didn’t really like being called Killan because all of my friends were like, “Killan? That’s a weird name.” They would always mispronounce it and they would always be like, “Kill– it sounds like you’re trying to kill something,” Kiki said. “But for the past couple of months, I’ve really embraced my name. Whatever. It’s my name. I shouldn’t feel ashamed.”

Photo by Jurnee Louder.


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