Eyeing the Path of Opportunity

By Mary-Margaret Futch, Palmetto Scholars Academy (Charleston, South Carolina)

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Life is a path.

Along this path, there are twists, turns, hills.

Rocks, trees blocking the path.

The path can be rocky and hilly.

It can be smooth and flat.

There can be good turns and bad ones.

And your eyes see it all.

One 24- year-old woman called Tahira,  who lived in Las Vegas with her two-year-old, faced a turn in her path.

She had to force her eyes to watch.


To move from one end of the country to the other.

She moved her and her child to St. Matthews, SC.

Their path turned.

It became rocky.

If they did not look,

they would fall.

Tahira’s absent father.



Like so many others.

And their eyes saw it all.

Pregnant with her second child, Tahira and her son board a bus to Columbia.

In Columbia, she plans to stay with a family member. Her plans fall through, and she is forced to spend $140 for three nights at a hotel.

But Tahira’s path throws her for a loop.


All of it.

All of her money.

Her pride.

Her worth.

Her hope.


Fear for herself,

Fear for her child.

The boy is sent away,

For his safety.

Tahira is sleeping on the street, day in and day out.

Tahira searches for another shelter,

somewhere she can have a safe place to sleep, shelter from the weather.

She gives birth.

A baby girl.

She stays with the baby.

Tahira has to send the girl away too.

And her eyes see it all.

Tahira is still living on the streets.

There is hope.

There is a shelter where she can go.

The path becomes smooth and flat to Transitions.


The sanctuary for the homeless.

Where people bring you in.

A family.

Where you get help.

People care,

People share,

People love.

A well of opportunities.






A home.

A new path comes to light.




A family.

Together again.
And her eyes will see it all.


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